Ahlan Wasahlan Ya Ramadhan!

Tonight was appointed as the Hari Melalak Sedunia. With the holy Ramadhan month nearing, Eid and Masy have gone and lost it by buying a mixer and a meat chopper. We don’t have the luxury of halal minced meat here, so before civilization hit us hard on the head, we resorted to cincang-ing the meat ourselves if we felt like having bolognese or burger for dinner (yes, no halal meat patties too. In fact, I’ve never seen any burger patties sold here for that matter. Exactly which longkang am I living in??).

So, sitting there in the living room, trying not to laugh at their over-excited faces, I witnessed as they scoured their shopping bags and cooed at the apparatus. After Maghrib, I flipped the channels for football or anything watchable, Eid was busy on the net surfing for guitar tabs while Masy suddenly up and decided, ‘nak buat cookies la‘.

I mean, really. It’s not even Ramadhan yet.

So now we’re a container-of-choc-chip-cookies richer.

Eid pulled out her guitar, began strumming for chords and suddenly we were caught up in a syok-sendiri concert. We went from Samsons to Pretty Ugly to Jaipong‘s Madu dan Racun. The pieces were all pretty old school. We spent more than 15 minutes on XPDC, then skipped to Lefthanded, Ziana Zain, Ramlah Ram, the list is endless. Kind of a surprise that the naga sebelah rumah didn’t even try to break down the wall this time.

Last week, to commemorate the end of summer and to welcome the month of Ramadhan, my classmates and I pitched in for the last bbq of the season. Below are some pictures.


And this is the main course of the day.

To my Muslim readers, vocal or silent, Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa. Kak Rika, balek le cepat! Sapa nak jaga kuih gunting dalam kuali nun? 😀


4 thoughts on “Ahlan Wasahlan Ya Ramadhan!

  1. Salam… aku cycle hygene baru habis last week, then friday start cycle therapy. 😉

    Thanks for the wish 😀 Happy ramadhan jugak jugak!! How’s the raya preparation ?

    I wish this year boleh balik raya kat mesia huhu..

  2. akmal>> insya Allah in 2 years time you’ll be treating me for iftar in jw marriot, sweetie 😀

    lifeinside>> my therapy’s the last cycle, so at least dekat btol2 ngan xm, sempat la study kot. muehhehe. raya preparation? smlm nampak tak kitorg berangkut beli bawang 10kg, gula and beras respectively 5kg from privos? hahhaha, shortage of bawang meh le mintak sini. 😀

    encik kulbun>> makan kari kambing diam2 kat sana dah le 😀

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