Beauty is skin-deep.

We just finished the G&g season finale. As funny as it sounds, I actually didn’t mind spending 3 hours of my time laughing at their accents and throwing pillows at the monitor everytime something cheesy comes up. 

Sekarang adalah agak bersenang lenang, even though I’m experiencing such an intricate time with the uni registration. Dah agak lama I didn’t go silent and terkedu. For somebody as vocal as I am, it’s rather a rare phenomena, where you’d see Nurlaily goes speechless and deep in thoughts. As the saying goes, silence is golden. At least it saved me from sinning too much from throwing vulgar words around. Ramadhan’s approaching right? Maybe I should be cutting down on my cusses. Yep.

Yes. G&g. I remember the time when I wouldn’t be caught dead watching the movie. Now it has become some sort of a pastime. Hahahhaha… These girls aren’t too bad, all of em. The friendship looks real even tho acted by professionals. I especially love how Putri and Shasha put aside their differences (and their similarity, like having the same ex!) and started to establish a meaningful friendship.

Asal aku bunyik sangat skema nih?

4th year is not too tricky. It’s the end of theoretical year, the starting of clinical part of our course. So far I’ve been watching G&g, Prison Break, Bleach and Naruto every single day, weekdays included. Bet it gives you an idea how our school nights activities went by. In this bizarre country, everything is being tutored in cycle. Sekarang cycle dermatology. Read: science of skin. It’s fascinating but really gross at the same time, and I’m the girl who ate my Fish Fillet on the gurney of our Human Anatomy lab.

The apparent and clear nature of skin diseases may make us flinch. Take the example of a Diabetic patient. So this makcik suffers from Diabetes. She’s treated with insulin and she lives a normal life. She could go to pasar malam and nobody would notice she’s a Diabetic.

But what if this makcik also suffers from psoriasis, for example. It is a multifactorial disease, but on most cases, psoriasis is idiopathic and also hereditary. Patients suffer from lesions and erythema (red patches) on their skin, sometimes leading to deformity. She’s capable of leading a normal life; most of the time patients can actively move. But the lesion on her face complicates her daily routine. It scares the people around her off. People would stare. Some would scuttle away quickly, as if the lesion would jump onto their faces if they stay too close. This makcik can’t go to pasar malam, for sure.

Patients suffering from dermatological problems often have issues with their self-esteem in my scrutiny. They are shier and more inhibited than patients with other diagnosis. Although in most cases skin diseases wont cause morbidity, but the lesions in their face bear the perpetual remembrance of their illness.

What I’m trying to say is, if you happen to run into this makcik at the pasar malam, please do not run away from her. Do not stare. Do not cuit-cuit your friend and point at her. Be a respectable society. So one of her alleles are not perfect. Treat her like one of your jiran sebelah rumah. Marilah kita menuju ke arah masyarakat yang lebih berhemah. 😀


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