I Will Never Fall Asleep

Finally, all the fuss has ended. Sigh.

The wedding was a wonderful ceremony. If I were to see it from afar, maybe aku buleh cakap cenggitu. But it’s different being a part of the whole event. Oh well. At least everything went well that day. Alhamdulillah.

Tahniah ye Encik As-fendy, eh salah, Affendy Abu Bakar dan Puan Norfazhani binti Hashim. Nanti pi bulan madu ingat-ingat la dengan adik hangpa ni ye (maksud aku ingat beli hadiah laa).

The whole agenda was tiring. Hahha… Aku ingat kenduri catering kita lepak goyang kaki je, tengok2 sampai nak demam aku ke hulu ke hilir for the past 4 days. I say, everything would be under control if I were not the only girl in the family. Terus-terang dinyatakan di sini, abang-abang dan adik aku adalah sangat hampeh when it comes to stuff revolving around the kitchen. Imagine my mom and me, including the ever sweet, always-there-to-the-rescue Yati and Kak Tiha catered to 50 something-over relatives who visited.

We were very touched by the effort put in by our relatives who came from all over the country, especially my Pak Teh, who lives in Langkawi. The event reunited all of us, the whole 4 generations of Jejawi Dalam’s Yahya Ishak under one big roof. I remember having a run-in with a mak cik angkat. Oh, we went all the way back while living in Jitra. Our family were neighbours, and we instantly swore to be relatives. After we moved to KL, only mak and ayah had the chance to constantly visit them. Among the famous conversations that day:

Mak Lang angkat: Laaa, besaq dah Lily ni!

Anak Mak Lang, yang aku tanye mak nama dia lepas balek umah, baru aku teringat: Dah jadi anak dara dah. Dulu kak ingat lagi dok bawak Lily mandi sungai. Ingat ka dak Lily dengan kak ni?

Aku: Ish, mesti laa ingat! *Salam ngan diorang, tho I honestly couldn’t come up with a name*. Awat yang mai lambat sangat? Kalau dak tadi sempat tengok Fendy sanding. *I didn’t mention any names to be on the safe side*.

Mak Lang angkat: Takpa. Tak sempat kali ni, tengok Lily la pulak bersanding nanti.

Aku: Adoiiii. Lambat lageyyyyy. *Konon blush. Hahha.*

I feel bad for this summer, I haven’t had the chance to finish the rounds to my relatives’ houses. Umah Pak Teh dah baper tahun aku tak pi. I even got some of the ‘adik-adik sedara edisi baru‘s names wrong. So, this wedding kinda made up for the lost times.

We rented a house in FRIM to cater to them. It was this huge mansion up on a hill. It’s famous for being the shooting location for ‘Blok 404’, ‘Pontianak Menjerit’, etc, a fact which we learnt a little bit too late.

Another famous conversation:

Adik-adik sedare: Apa la kak Lily bagi kami dok dalam utan ni. Satni malam-malam beruk mai tidoq dengan kami.

LaiLy: *Laughing*. Kalau beruk takpa lagi, kami takut benda lain mai tidoq dengan kapa. Har har.

After the whole troop left, it was up to me, Yati and a few friends to tidy the big house up. The hair behind my neck immediately stood up upon entering the mansion. It was definitely huge. We climbed our way up to the 2nd floor and went into a room. There hung a blackboard, with a caption repeatedly written on it, right from the top left corner, to the bottom right one, which read ‘I Will Never Fall Asleep’.

Aku trus lari kuar.


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