Darah Manis?

Has it been August already? God, time sure did fly fast. And the worst thing is, I don’t even get to taste the luxury of holiday. Yet. Hari tu practical training, then busy Fendy nak kawen, now busy nak balik pulak. Haiya… I demand more time off. šŸ˜€

First and foremost, hey there, Laydiefa, dD! Seemed like you guys have found me! Pardon the over-excited audience, he’s here to stay, nak kata apa… Nanti bawak laa Mysara and others to my brother’s reception.

Speaking of which, datangla beramai-ramai ke Dewan Serbaguna FRIM, 20hb Ogos, 2006 from 12 to 4pm untuk memeriahkan suasana wedding abang saya ni ye. Turut mengundang: Miss LaiLy.

I honestly didn’t do much at home, tho. Ye la, aku nak pi jalan, sian lak sapa nak tolong abang aku with his wedding. Setakat bungkus sabun, pelekat sticker ‘Terima Kasih’, pack kipas cine etc etc, tu je la. Not much to be done since seme nyah mak/pak andam tu yang akan buatkan. Kata kalau nak dirikan khemah, dah pakai dewan. Nak tolong kopek bawang, dah catering. Bosan jugak kenduri kat KL ni. Ewah, gaya macam aku nyer wedding plakk. šŸ˜€

Sepanjang dok umah nih, dah pelbagai sinetron/telenovela/TV series aku dah khatam. I was surprised that Prison Break is on TV at all; ASTRO has never ever heard of it. Bravo to 8TV! Then I kept tabs on ‘Lady Fan’. Finished that one. Hahha… Chomel giler.. Now I’m following ‘Three Leafed Clover’. Kiut kiut… My world revolves around TV now, it’s saddening, but I’m not complaining. šŸ˜€

An excerpt on what happened during my last week in ER.

A girl in A&*W workshirt ran towards me at the A&E counter while holding her left hand with a gauze.

Girl: Kak, takmo cucuk, kak… (weeping).

LaiLy: Ala, takpe takpe. Jangan risau, ramai ni ha kitorang teman. Kena tengok dulu luka tu macam mana… (I tried undressing the gauze).

Tetibe another girl ran up to me, panting. She handed a white plastic container to me, with a very suspicious content.

2nd girl: Kak, ni jari dia.



4 thoughts on “Darah Manis?

  1. NoRE says:

    huuuuuuuuuu,kalau i,dah lame pengsan bile tgk jari tuh..
    so sorry,i can’t make it to ur bro’s wedding,my fren’s coming down from s;pore this weekend..

    takpe2..nanti kite lepak bersame2 ye

  2. it wasn’t the sight of the lost finger that was scary, but the fact the she *may* lose the finger gave me quite a chill. sian dia… tapi leh claim socso byk, so i hope she’ll be ok, insya Allah…

    ben>> what happened next? she was whisked away into the ER laa… šŸ˜€

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