Day 7 tapi aku merapu mende laen…

Wahai manusia sekalian alam,

It’s overwhelming to see my personal blog transformed into a noticeboard within a fortnight. Hahhaha.. Amusing nonetheless, thank you for the overflowing comments, snide remarks included. That includes you too, Mr. Stalker. I’ve got nothing much to say concerning the stalker or about being stalked cuma my utmost respect to you, Mr. Stalker for your incessant effort. I apologize for the delay in replying since I have no Internet connection at home. I have to rely on the connection at my bro’s office, of which I would only make an appearance at if I finish my practicals in Hos*p Sela*yang early, which rarely happens.

So do I owe you an explanation or something? This is how it works, right? Let’s get on with it, then.

Dear Mr. Stalker,on being a human, we have to use all our sensesย to their full capacity. You can’t make use of only two or three of them and neglect the rest. You are so proficient with your mouth, but sorry to say, you disregard your brain and your ears. Don’t be so quick with your mouth mister, it may bring you harm one day.

You’ve been listening to only one side of the story all along. Have you even realized that you’ve been so exclusively used? And for what purpose? Think before it’s too late. Why are you so adamant about protecting something you are unsure of? Do you know why I’m convinced you’re unsure of what you’re doing? You can’t even come up with a proof. You can’t even exactly pinpoint what I supposedly did wrong. Go ahead. Come free with the accusation. I can take it. I’m sure my viewers can too. I have nothing to be ashamed of. I have absolutely nothing to hide.

If you claimed to know me so well, Mr. Stalker, you’d know I’m not exactly computer literated. I know how to check my mails, how to set up a blog, but to hack an account is completely beyond me. I rarely even use my emails, especially Hotmail. I won’t be crying if you hack into it. Oh and Friendster? Phst… That’s so superficial. I even think about deleting my account soon. All I do in Friendster is approve requests and testimonials. I barely write testimonials, even to my own best friends. Internet is a facility, but I don’t think I’d die without it.

And how do you think I’d find the time to actually try and hack into somebody’s account? I may not be a superb medical student wannabe like your own ehhem, girlfriend, but I’m trying hard. I actually decided to be poyo and cut my net line a month before exam, so I could concentrate on books and stuff. That was in May. Notice the lack of updating? Two months without net. And been two months since I last visited your girlfriend’s blog. Do you really think the first think I’d do upon logging in is stalking somebody’s account?

Do you honestly wanna know what I secretly do online?

I secretly read fanfiction. Yes, fictions written by fans concerning certain celebrities, TV series, etc. Since you’ve been watching me like a hawk, you should know how much in love I am with the TV Series Prison Break. Yes, I’ve been snooping around to read Prison Break fanfiction. I think the thought of Michael Scofield and Dr. Sara getting together is a pretty idea. I snoop around because I do not want my beloved friends to know I’m a hopeless romantic at heart. It’d be embarrassing for me, since I have this ‘macho’ reputation to uphold. Well, that’s all in the past now since I’ve told you all, right?

I don’t think secretly reading fanfiction is against the law, is it?

C’mon. You’re the expert here. Do you thang. Check my IP for genuinity. Trace your girlfriend’s blog’s visitors.

And my beloved visitors, please don’t be too harsh on him. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m touched for the overwhelming support, but we Malaysians kan full with courtesy?

Well, I’m glad that I provided the viewers with some sort of entertainment. It did boost my rating. Hahha…

One piece of advice, I’m a woman of action. I keep up to my promise. So maybe you’d like to recall what I’ve told you and take precautionary step about it. I’m looking out for what’s best for you. You have so much ahead of you. Don’t jeopardize your future for something so uncertain. Take care out there.


18 thoughts on “Day 7 tapi aku merapu mende laen…

  1. Stalker says:

    Oh you’ll be hearing from me soon darling. We’ll settle this some other way. I have a responsibility that I feel I should uphold. And you, being the person on the wanted list WILL have to answer to that. I’m sick of having to reply everyone already. Thanks everybody for being so caring and emotional. Yawn. Honestly, I’m sick of having to drop by your little online diary and have to reply and make useless comments and shit. I’m gonna meet you face to face and you won’t know when. Then we’ll have a nice long talk. I won’t be rude, I won’t be rough. I promise.

    Also, I don’t understand half of what you’re writing. Proof? Yes I have proof and I will tell you that face to face. Yes I will. Let’s see what you have to say then. To write em out here? I don’t think that’s the wisest thing to do. Besides, this is between you, and me and nobody else. So why am I suddenly being somebody else’s girlfriend? I know my own girlfriend, yes I do. I’ll introduce her to you if you want hehe.

    I’m helping a certain person to whom I owe alot. And he/she has no idea I’m doing this. But I’ve heard enough and been given enough evidence to actually have to waste my time on pretty little people like you. So I’ve got your attention now. Prepare your speech because you’ll be needing it soon when you talk to me again. And I sure ain’t someone you know. You see, this person has many friends who care about him/her. And I’m sorry to say honey, there’s more than just me. Don’t be surprise if somebody else talks to you.

    You seem know ALOT about what I’m talking about. Why does everything seem so right now? Because you’ve planned out all your replies. I got you where I want you to be. You think I can’t prove anything. Ok maybe I can’t just yet but everything else leads to this and you of all people should know why I’m doing this. I want you to know what wrong you’ve done. You see, I’m not alone. We know what you’ve been doing. And it dates back a LONG LONG LONG LONG time in La La Land. So you see, you’ll be dealing with a few of us now.

    If I’m convinced you’re innocent, we’ll leave you alone. If not, look out for us wherever you go. Come on now, don’t be scared. We won’t hurt you. Oh be nice when my other friend calls you. Sleep tight darling. Ta – ta.

  2. ben says:

    oooh.. more stalkers? interesting.
    anyway, if you have a good enough reason, why not share this with the world? I’m sure everyone needs to know the truth.

  3. Amal says:

    Oh, not another bunch of SORE LOSERS! How pathetic.. Such Malaysians, so typical~

    Oohh.. I’m so scared already for you, Laily! :p

  4. Amal says:

    “Look out for us wherever you go?”
    That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard… today. Awww, so sweet. You make my day, Mr. Stalker.

  5. archivelore says:

    btulla nick tue, and it doesn’t have meanin, just 2 words combined 2gether… insya Allah, kalau xde class mengaco time raya tue, org b’kunjungler, thanx for invitin’… ’bout x sure yg mana satu, xpe, CSMU tue ramai sgt orgnyer… nak tau sumer mmg susah… kitorg first year pun bukan knal sumer yg xde premed… sket2 ajerla… lagipun u r not livin’ in hostel no more… and i know wut it feels like… so no sweat then…

    and to mr stalker… firstly, i have to say sorry, make no mistake, ain’t bargin’ to ur business wit her… are u sure u r not makin’ fuss over somethin’ yg remeh, ain’t no biggy, lagi yg dah past… coz if it happened long (how many long should i put) time ago… forgive & forget kinda suit you… seriously… (we malaysian are corteous… haha, seriously but do you know that we malaysian were listed as 10 of the most rude countries… don’t know where they got the statistic)… keepin ur adrenaline too high is bad, u releasin too much ageing factor… so chill out a bit…

  6. gosh. u again. do i really have to pick up a penyapu buruk n literally halau you outta my blog, stalker? cuz this is getting old. if you wanna get me, why don’t you just come out. no, i don’t have enough time in 24 hours i have each day to reminisce and plan my speech for you. unlike some people, i have to cook, to wash, to attend classes, to sweep the floor. now you wouldn’t know that right cuz you guys are a bunch of spoilt brats, always being catered to.

    if you wanna talk about history, i think i have every right to do the same. maybe we could compare notes. you are the reason i shake my head with disgust, honey. you are the absolute definition of bodoh sombong. listen and learn. don’t jump to conclusions. you don’t even have the first-hand impression about me, and you’re accusing me of stuff? i have a whole school to back me up on whatever you’re implying that i supposedly did.

    you know, i’m 22, and i’d like to stick with my age. i don’t think taking a timetrain and jump a few years back to high school is gonna cut it. grow up. i did. about time you do.

    if you wanna talk about being guilty, maybe you might wanna have a chat with your lil friend about that. maybe she would have an idea what i’m referring to.

    stalker, my perseverance has a limit. please do not test me. you talked about stuff getting ugly, and by God’s name do i promise you i’ll return the deed.

    the part about leaving me alone, it’s not a choice you have, mr. stalker. if you don’t, by all means, i will make you. even if it means taking a lil trip to ipoh. please don’t underestimate me, cuz maybe you don’t know who you’re messing with. i’m gonna get you real good, even your own mommy won’t take you back in. think about that.

    oh yeah, maybe you need proof, right? maybe i should upload copies of some important official letters i received after lodging a few complaints last week. eh? just give me the nod, i’ll be glad to entertain you.

  7. and the fact i seemed to know what i was talking about because you told me all about it, you mangkuk! itu pon lupa ke?? or maybe i should upload the conversation into the net too? eeei, marah btol aku manusia bongok mcm nih!

  8. ughh sape mr. stalker tu?? damn, loser gila dia. hahaha.poyo nak mati.

    aih ko kat malaysia eh praktikal? brape lama ? aku keje kat rawang nex week, will be always passing by selayang nnti =)

  9. Stalker says:

    Hello Laily. I’m still watching you. It’s not easy trying to hack your blog. But I’m working on it. I seem to see that you haven changed some things. Well FUCK you. And watch out soon biAtch.

  10. akmal says:

    x reti nak hack? bapak bodohnyer. aku yg tak reti IT ni pon reti hack laily nyer account (hahha, but girl, i don’t do it aa!). DUNGU! suh blaja x mau, la ni menyusahkan org, jadik sampah masyarakat.. hu hu

  11. archivelore says:

    apala… x sudah2… x sangka ada gak yg bodoh bangang cam nie… memang dah x larat dah ngan orang camnie… pathetic sangat takin’ some vendetta kat internet… kalau nak sangat pay back time ngan k.laily… buatla kat real world, mr stalker woiii… you think peeps are too ignorant like u… main amik ajer apa yg dia baca kat internet… meh sini biar aku pukul ko biar t’sedar dari dunia ko… apala sempit sangat pemikiran nie… aisey… aisey… cet… dan cet lagi… can’t u put an end to this… can’t u…

  12. mr. stalker>> bleh. apa perlu aku reply your stupid comment? but i dont appreciate being called a beeyatch, you trunk-sucking, asshole felon!

    (orait tak aku ngamuk, amal?)

    if you feel like coming face to face, dtg ler this sunday. i’ll lay out a red carpet for ya, sweety. maybe you could shake hands with my caring neighbor ๐Ÿ™‚ you do remember which one i’m talking about, right?

    dD & laydiefa>> dtg keh for the wedding? then leh aa meet up ๐Ÿ˜€

    nore>> thanks, honey. yeah, go me! ๐Ÿ˜€

    yunay>> ala… dpt x mesej aku? aku ajak dtg kenduri ni. ke ko dah tukar nombor? hehhe… dah abeh laa practical sayang. aku igt nak turun utp usha ko nyer konvo. leh? missin ya!

    miss aida>> yeah, i’m getting bored too. *yawn*

    isupportlaily>> wow… that’s very flattering, whoever you are. ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you.

    amal>> baju aku kaler goldddd. hahha, poyo nak mati plakk. anyway, gambo cam aku lom upload lg. bz laa nyahhh. nanti aku send keh?

    archivelore>> abaikan dia, dik. kalu kamu dok kl, datang laa wedding tu nanti ye ๐Ÿ™‚

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