Day 5

This I don’t appreciate. Selepas sekian lama aku tunggu nak minum air soya (setahun to be exact), bila dah minum aku start loya-loya. Rasa cam pregnant plak. Hahha… I kept taking deep breaths, duck down my head to avoid from emptying my stomach on the hospital floor.

Minggu nih lepak habess. After a day with Dr. Sat*riya GTI, eh salah, kat Klinik Pakar, he invited us to view the operation on Tuesday. I don’t think I favor ortho Op much tho. Imagine eating KFC with your fingers,you snap the bones and pull the cartilage while you try to get to the deepest angles of the chicken. Among the familiar tools can be spotted in the OT are driller, hammers, screws, nuts, bolts, screwdrivers, chainsaw (battery-operated), etc etc. If not for the green scrubs and various vital machines, you’d have it mistaken for a tapak pembinaan. 😀

The Op of the day was total knee replacement. It involves opening up the knee joint, pushing aside the patella and sawing the distal part of femur and proximal part of fibula off. The surgeons had to wear special plastic coverings to protect their faces from fragments of bones and marrows while sawing. Something like a scene you could see in documentary about preparing chicken farsh. When the assistants flexed the knee after opening the joint capsule, we could vividly see the tibia sticking out straight in our faces. Even sorang budak laki dalam team aku pon cuak nengok. Hahhaha…

Yesterday plakk kitorg lari and went off to eat KFC and watched the Pirates kat Selayang Capital. Enjoy giler laa…

To whoever you are, Mr Stalker. I hope you had fun. 🙂 Maybe you could guess what I hide under my bed. 😀


3 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. Amal says:

    Did I tell you that I miss you? And did I mention that I had dinner with Anwar Ibrahim, sitting NEXT to him???? Ahaks…

  2. go on n have all the fun while i slave myself here in the hospital. sampret ko amal. hahhaha… but i still lap u nonetheless.

    miss aida, how i miss u so 🙂 balek laa buat practical sini, leh kite tag team 🙂 yes, the op was gut-wrenching. every bit was a superb part of the experience 🙂

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