First Day

Today has marked the beginning of my practicals here in Malaysia. After 6 hours in Selayang Hospital have I realized how I’ve adjusted and gotten used to the environment in Ukraine that I’ve forgotten how it feels like to treat one of our own. Like all other struggling students, I wasn’t the least eager to end the so-called holidays. And the fact that I hail from one of the controversial unis put extra stress on me.

It’s going to be a stress-free month, fashion-wise tho. I think I’m going to resort to baju kurung thruout the month. My mom was so anxious to see me leave the house, for her, the earlier the better, altho the drive to Selayang Hospital only takes up about 10 minutes from my house. I had butterflies in my stomach. I can’t believe I was that nervous sedangkan all I had to do is meet up with a bunch of docs, bukannya pergi buat life-threathening stunts pun.

Anyhow, I was assigned to Orthopedic Dept. Together with 5 other students, we hit the ward. Awal-awal lagi the MO dah fire cuz xde nametag. I mean, give us a break. It’s only our first day… Followed them for rounds, seen pretty nasty trophic ulcers and diabetic foot disease. The MO quizzed us about DM, even it was just a simple question, all 5 of us almost froze. Cuak giler cuz they’ve been giving us the eye ever since we told them we’re from Ukraine. Ye aaa, nak compare ngan Monash ke, UCD ke, sape laa kitorang nih… But like I said before, give us a break, yah?

Pastuh ada abang HO lupa bawak stethoscope. Aku dah nak gelak. Gilo apo… Dah certified doc leh lupa bawak stethoscope. You might be thinking, doktor tulang watpe nak bawak stethoscope. Banyak gune mende alah ni sebenarnye… Since I was standing the closest to him, dia pun mintak pinjam ngan aku… Memule tuh kerek nak mampus abang HO tuh, siap pushed me aside to get to the patient’s bed. Takpe laa, dia dah grad, aku struggling lagi… Tapi takpe, seb baek dia sterilise balek steto aku lepas guna. Kalu tak….

Then abang HO lagi sorang suro kitorg gi introduce ourselves to the HOD (Head of Dept). Off we went to the 5th floor, where all the specialist clinics are located. Unfortunately, the HOD was away (I’m not so sure if it was such a bad thing). So we were shipped off to the acting HOD. His name was Dr. Satriya. There we were standing outside his door, debating whether nak bagi salam ke tak. His name was highly controversial, you see. Kang salah bagi salam karang…

Turned out he’s a Muslim after all. A Malay. Hensem laa gakk… Yeen has a newfound crush for him. Hahhaha… A very brilliant doc, and a very gentle and kind one at that. Basically tadi seme all his patients seemed to love him. Memanjang je asyek kene praised. And he was thoughtful enough to let us stay in his office while he inspected his patients. Agak best aa doc tadi…

Sok ada total knee joint resection. I do not know what to expect. Tadi as I hung out with the pakcik guard while waiting for my dad to pick me up, a Penjara Sg. Buloh van drove by. Pakcik guard alerted me about the arrested Gang Deva, 3 of whom are treated in the surgical dept. I shivered. Gilo… Gilo… Occupational hazard nih. 😀

Til tomorrow. 🙂


23 thoughts on “First Day

  1. Stalker says:

    Hi Laily.. Be careful what you do online and in your free time. I’m watching you. And I know where you are. And I know what you did and what you plan to do. And I know who you are always spying on. Be careful again. If I were you, I’d change my passwords on hotmail and friendster. I’d stop harassing others when I know I’m just a fucking pussy hiding behind the Internet. Remember, I’m watching and I’m hearing things and I don’t like what I hear. I’d steal something from your bedroom just to show you that I’m right next to you. So be careful now and stop what you are doing before it happens to you. And no, I’m not joking honey. You know what you did. And there is a price to pay. You don’t wanna pay that price now do you?

    I’ll be back.

  2. NoRE says:

    hope u’re doing fine with your practical thingy.

    babe, i’m quiet worry after reading the comment from that stalker,so take a good care of urself, seems like we’re on the same ship now..


  3. Stalker says:

    Well I hope she is because I am watching out for her. Seeing her every move. She’s done some things she’ll regret doing. I hope you do stop doing whatever you’re doing because I know what you’re doing. And they are cruel and childish and in the latest incident, very very bad. I hope you do contact that person and apologize or I will make you. I’ve got your Ukraine number and I will get your Malaysian number. I can get your address and find your family. You know exactly what I’m talking about darling. Does the name ‘elina’ ring a bell? Yes, I know it does, doesn’t it? Not so nice now right when someone else uncovers your deep dark secrets huh? I suggest you own up and start acting like a fucking matured bitch. And no, this is not her typing it. It’s somebody else. And that somebody is really, really pissed. Why don’t you reply me and prove your innocence then. Or should I send your blog to for them to review? Hehe. I wonder what they’ll make of it after knowing you have your own personal stalker honey. Ta-ta. I’ll be back.

    Btw, change ur password for this blog honey. Or should I do it for you?

  4. archivelore says:

    hello… kak laily… melompat2 gi blog nie (bloghop)… and by the way… nice readin’ ur practical diary…

    eyp… gosh… stalker… u sure are creepy… ok… CREEPY…

  5. Stalker says:

    Oh no no. I’m no girl you see. I’m a male. And now I know that you understand what I’m talking about. Let’s see now. I think we need to talk. And if you don’t want to give me your number? Then i’ll get it myself. Does 3809 7931 2649 sound familiar? Hmm, I’m sure it does, doesn’t it? But you’re not there now are you? So i’ll be talking to you while you do your little medical wannabe term here in Malaysia? Oh and please don’t kill anyone allright? Btw, you’ve never thought of me I think but it’s time you did. And I mean business.

    To everyone else out there, I’m not stalking her just for fun. She’s done some really evil things. And I wanna put a stop to it. And perhaps teach her a lesson. She won’t be harmed, no she won’t. Unless she never learns.

  6. dear stalker,
    so nice to hear that somebody’s actually paying attention to what i’ve written/done all these while. i’m kinda flattered, never had an online stalker before. and which funny thing that i honestly do not remember my own hp number, that i have to actually refer to my phone every time i want to pass it to others. sorry honey, as much as i’d like to give you the freedom of speech as the next person, i do have to delete the last comment since you have so nicely provided my number to the www.

    i’m not trying to sound offhanded or ignorant, but your threats are like just a breeze which im going to ignore. the pigsty of my bedroom that you referred to, can only be accessed by me and my mom on certain occasions. i honestly do not give a damn if you want to steal or plant anything in it. go ahead, by all means, be my guest. do drop by at the kitchen for lunch. my mom loves visitors.

    who’s elina? i don’t recall having a friend named elina. if you know me so well as you claim to be, i am an anti-social, which reads i do not have much friends, only few selected ones. and i would damn well recognize all of their names. are you sure you don’t get mistaken with other lailys?

    for whatever i’ve done to hurt you in the past, like the words of our ancestors, minta ampun minta maaf hamba mohonkan. i’m sorry. if you feel like talking, buzz me. 017-2829*02. the * refers to the my original number of siblings i had. you do know me well, don’t you? so this lil pop quiz won’t be much prob, right?

    yeah, i recall the old saying, ‘keep your friends close, but your enemies closer’. well stalker, you’ve just become my new ‘best friend’. 🙂

    p/s – i haven’t killed anyone yet, haven’t had the chance to actually hands-on on any patients. would you be kind enough to be the first volunteer tho? 🙂

  7. Stalker says:

    Hmm, beautiful words to cover up those lies. No, you haven’t done anything to hurt me. But you have hurt someone. And that, wasn’t a nice thing to do. Laily, you know, the truth has this strange, twisted way of finding its way up to the light. And when it does, you won’t like it. I see some improvements you’ve done. Some things have been deleted already I see. I’m impressed. So fast. I want to see more. Would you like me to list down what other things I’m pretty sure you did? In detail perhaps? You listed your number down. How nice. Yes my feedback has given me the value of the *. You see, I’m not done with you yet. I hope your mom cooks good food for I am picky. As for our little chit chat on the phone. I’ll find a nice time to talk. And please, be polite. I will.

    Btw, anti – social? Maybe you are I wouldn’t know. I don’t even know you personally. I think I will now. Talking about spying and harassing on the WWW, I think I learned it from you honey. Who started snooping around other peoples accounts in the first place? There, one cover being blown already eh? It might have sounded funny then but it sure ain’t fun now eh? Believe me, you don’t want to play with me.

  8. amal says:

    Oh my God! How exciting, Laily!!! You got yourself a stalker! A crazy one too! Hahha. Even more interesting! At least I have something to entertain me while reading your blog. Now you know why I find that it’s always interesting to have a stalker who accuse you with things you can’t even think of? Now that you have one, you don’t have to be jealous of me anymore! Hehehe…

    Elina? Who in the world is she anyway? I think this guy thinks you’ve ruined his relationship with this Elina girl lah, babe. You know, losers ALWAYS find ways to make sure that they don’t look like one. Hence, the need to find people like you to cover up their LOSER-ness. Ahaks.

    Anyway, girl. Keep ‘layan’ing this crazy guy. I mean, this is my source of entertainment! I’m sure he’ll come up with more “interesting” stories about you that he already had planned up in his mind. I am sure all geared up to read about ’em. Bring it on, stalker freak! I wanna know too. Perhaps you would wanna tell me what other loser things you do, other than kononnya threatening people in their blogs. Haha, what a joke!

    I miss you girl. Have fun ait. Send my love and kisses to Adam! Hugs..

  9. Stalker says:

    Hehe. I’m sure she enjoyed our little conversation on the phone right honey? Go on. Tell em. Tell em all the evil things you’ve done. I actually can’t believe I have to stalk and bother your pathetic life but I feel that I have too. I’ve heard and seen enough. It was funny then but it got out of hands. You see Amal, I’m not making this up. I can’t think of even wasting 5 minutes of my time on this blog. But I think some people need to be taught a lesson. I think I’ll be stopping soon as I see some improvements. The WWW is a nasty place isn’t it? I’m actually having fun doing this.

  10. Ben says:

    Hey, Stalker.. bring it on. Show yourself. You think you’re strong or big? Face me. One on one. Fist fight. You fag! NO guts, remaining anonymous. You mess with my friend, I’ll pound your face in. Want my contact details? If you got the balls, lets meet up! You pussy.

  11. Amal says:

    Funny that you hung up before 5 minutes, Mr Stalker. Why? So coward ah?

    Anyway, Laily would like to leave you a meesage since she’s unable to get online.

    “Why did you hang up? Come on.. It’s only been 5 minutes and I enjoyed every minute of it. I wanted to say more. By the way, I’m not going to be responsible if anything bad happens to you. Just giving you a taste of your own medicine…” (I think it sounds better if she writes this herself!)

    Seriously, your life is even more pathetic. Get a life. Dump your ugly gelfren lah wey. Maybe she’s the reason you’re like this. waahahahaha…

  12. You’ve got some idiot stalking you?

    Who’s the fucking pussy hiding behind the Internet? Someone who lacks the balls to come out and face you outright?

    Cool. Real cool.

  13. cyril says:

    dear stalker, before u proceed, u might want to read up on Akta Komunikasi dan Multimedia 1998, Akta Jenayah Komputer 1997 that were sanctioned to protect individuals from ppl like u.

  14. Stalker says:

    Who is fugu? I ain’t no fugu darling. Anyways, I’m really touched to see so many of your friends being so caring and lovey dovey. Oh puh-leez. To all you guys out there, fuck off. I don’t want to have anything to do with you. Bunch of time wasters. Its between us only and have fun joining in. Laily, I’m still watching you. Do come and bring your ‘kampung’ and face me if you dare. You know who’s the one who needs a taste of her own medicine. Why don’t you try explaining to your chums why exactly I’m doing this.

    Oh Ben, I’d be careful too if I were you. I’d face all of you one on one. No problem. But I think I’ll do it Laily’s way this time and see how she feels.

  15. archivelore says:

    Allahurabbi… nie mr stalker… get a life… seriously get a life… nice knowin’ there’s actually someone like you… what… u watchin’ her… who do you think u r… God… all of us bein’ concern u said time-wasters… so bug off if we all wanna join in ur little fun u r havin’ here… after all we r time-wasters… but the one really wastin’ time is u… got the point…

    bestnyer kalo boleh ngomen sepuas ati kat sini… tapi kita nie tetamu… takkanler nak masuk umah org buat cam umah sendiri plak kan… yg nie mmg ditujukan kepada he-who-wants-to-be-known-as-stalker…

  16. Ben says:

    Telling me to fuck off, eh? Man, give your name if you got any balls. Give your name. When I find you, I promise I will make you cry, like the lil baby you are. Time wasting? I promise you that every second spent inflicting pain on you, and all that you hold dear will be time well spent. Make my day, Mr. Stalker. Gimme your home address. I’d love to pay you a visit.

    You’d love to face all of us one on one, eh? Then why so shy? Identify yourself, little boy. If you have any balls, that is.

  17. Amal says:

    Ah,Ben! Even you know that this stalker does not have balls! Hahha.. hence, the nickname “stalker”. I seriously pity him. Like you know.. dungu ke hapa!

    No balls, no guts, just a little wussy pussy.. hiding behind a nickname. What a chicken!

    Lai, although this little guy with no balls is not worth my time and yours.. somehow suke plak entertain diri ngan orang bodo camni. My timetable byk sgt free. Takde keje. Heehehe.. Missing you heaps, hun. Have fun during the wedding. Sorry x leh join ko merendek masa wedding 😦

  18. Stalker says:

    Laily, I’m still watching you. Its not over yet. I still don’t believe you yet.

    Ben, why don’t you give me your home address. And I’ll pay you a visit homey. No point in giving out my identity just yet. I’ll be moving on to you when I’m done with her.

  19. Akmal says:

    Hereeee.. chicken chicken chicken…!!

    Nak publish sangat apa Laily buat, publish je la.. Why hesitate some more? Kenapa? Kononnya x cukup bukti ke? Such a coward.. I repeat.. such a wuss! If you have anything, bring it on. As if Laily’s gonna be scared anyway. Duh, you’re picking on the wrong girl, and you’re surely as hell pissing off a wrong bestfriend.

    Haih, Melayu & fitnah.. mengapakah sungguh sinonym..

  20. peh… byk giler nak respon. i’ll try tho, ok?

    stalker>> eh, i think i’ve said my piece to u. cukup kan?

    nore>> don’t worry, hun. i’m alive n well, alhamdulillah. eh, bile nak jumpa u nih??

    archivelore>> i hope i got ur nick right 🙂 apa maksudnye ye? kita nih nama je satu uni, tapi akak pon x pasti adik nih mana satu. hahhaha.. nanti raya mai laa umah (raya je jemput, leh x?). do take care aight. i’ll try to write more about the practicals, which is pretty intense. sementara second yr tuh, enjoy laa puas2 ek.. nanti dah abeh third yr saket…

    cyril>> wow, i’m honestly speechless. i know heck about malaysian acts and laws and whatnow. but i heard about something like dat laa. ala2 mcm kes cik siti tuh kan? ish… tetibe rasa mcm siti nurhali*za plak. wahhahha… joking aside, thank u for visiting 🙂

    ben>> oi, who u callin fag laa? i heard u tryin on a baju kurung before? :p pullin your leg. and strictly no cussing in my blog! i’m tellin ur mom! 😀 eh, take care of amal, aight?

    amal>> thank u for the calllllll. missin ya. err, kad ko lom pos lagi. hihi… waitin for yati to fill it up. u take care of urself there 🙂

  21. ben says:

    Baju kurung? You must be dreaming. Removing baju kurung is more my specialty. … just wish I had a chance to put my skills to work. Forgive my choice of words. Take care of Akmal? I think it should be the other way around. 😛

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