Of Marriages and … And what?

I told you about the marriage didn’t I?

Feels a lot like my own, tho.

Seriously. There I was tagging along with my mother to gather a few last minute stuff regarding the hantaran, and I got the question ‘Bila kendurinya?’ I mean, pardon me for being extra sensitive, but a 22-year-old doesn’t really take the ‘tarikh’ issue lightly, okay?

At kampung, we went rounds visiting the relatives, sekali dengan hajat memanggil la kununnye. Since my ever lovely brother, the groom himself, skipped the duty of memanggil, terpaksa la aku meneman mak and ayah aku. And again I got the question, ‘Yang lelakinya orang mana?’ What the heck?? Marriage so doesn’t cross my mind right at this mo, okay? *Shudders*

As I speak, my nails are streaked pink, not from nail polish, mind you, but from painting the house. And guess who came up with the idea for the cotton candy color. My dad. Yes. And yes, I did refrain from banging my head against the wall. Anything for my old man 😀 Umah dia, suka dia laa nak cat apa, ye dak? 😉

Next on thesewords, photos of my one love, the gedik Adam Mickhael. Coming right up in thesewords.

P/S – Alamak Nore. I used to have so much to say on WC Final. Lama sangat tak online, dah lupa nak cakap apa. I’ll work on something. Esp on Encik Buffon 😉


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