Random Thoughts

I was not in the mood to match my outfits so I grabbed the worry-less garment I could find in the wardrobe: a pair of my favourite baju kurung. You could never go wrong it. Slap it on, wear a matching tudung, and off you go. It also helped that I could kill two birds with one stone, since a Russian lecturer had practically begged me to wear one of the traditional costumes to class. I was in the mood to entertain people, so I thought, what the heck.

The reaction I received upon arrival couldn't be said as unexpected. I was lucky the bunch didn't burst out laughing. SaiLo, Jyn Hann and Wei Chow clicked their tongues. Shashi and Pavala had grinned so widely I thought I had grown a nose on my forehead. Then SaiLo had to burst the bubbles. "Ko ingat ko budak baek sangat laa nak eksyen pakai baju kurung hari ni?" Budusss… See? see? Exactly the reason why I'm so segan to pakai baju kurung around these people.

The day went on uneventfully. I did get a question from Pugunan, "LaiLy, kalau aku nak kawen dengan ko means, aku kene pegi potong dulu is it?" That sent me into an 'err…' mode. SaiLo and Wei Chow kept teasing me all the way back. I raised a foot to kick Wei Chow's shin when he laughed and said, "Woi, hang pakai baju kurung mana buleh tendang2 orang!" I answered, "Haa. Guess again. You bet I can!" Despite my attire, I managed to plant my shoeprint on his shin. I was so proud of myself.

I'm kinda glad Season 1 of Prison Break has finally wrapped up. I'd be stirring my tea and my thoughts would be reverted to the escaping inmates. It's like I'm practically obsessed. Been a long time since I get so caught up in a TV Drama. Yeah, it's not like Wentworth Miller is hurtful to look at. πŸ˜€ Now that the season's over, I won't have to worry much about distractions as the exams are looming closer. 

Ah, yes. Exams.


 To give a brief idea on how much I have to 'telan' in short of 2 weeks. πŸ˜€

 And would it help if I mention my whole loving family is on vacation in Bandung as I speak? Sometimes I swear I feel so macam anak terbiar. Huahuahua.. Alright. Back to the books. 


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. kuluke says:

    waa….ganaz aar doc., pakai baju kurung plaks…tak sejuk ker??….

    de lagi m***i nih rupenye….all de bezz for both of ya~!

  2. naz says:

    I know! It’s like when you wear a baju kurung, you’re supposed to automatically become an ayu-lemah-lembut-kenot-ganas2-girl.

    I once raised a leg to playfully kick a friend in school in all my baju kurung glory… only to be scolded by a passing teacher. Terus tersipu-sipu malu. Looks like it’s a costume with a certain personality to uphold. Heheh.

    Good luck for exams dearie, I have one more paper to goo! Yeehaaaaaa grandmaamaaaa!

  3. amal>> pergh, doesnt dat sound gile… 4 assignments due in one day! hope u’re holding on ok, hun. and best of luck to u too. πŸ™‚ missin ya plenty here. πŸ™‚

    kuluk>> hahhaha, mana der sejuk. skrg dah masuk summer tgh kering giler. so no prob laa nak pakai baju kurung hari2 pon. well, IF my classmates promise not to make fun of me laa. πŸ˜€ n yes, amal’s still there. kureng giler aa ko! πŸ˜›

    naz>> don’t i know it, naz. seb baik i dont have teachers ard to reprimand me πŸ˜› thank u for the well wishes. luck to u too, babe πŸ˜€

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