Aku kuciwa with the performance put up by Singa Utara. They couldn't relive the victory of Liga Super. Gile aa kecewa. Lagi tak besh dari bila Chelsea kalah ngan West Ham. I was very disappointed with Champrong, the Thai lad highly paid by State gov. Tendang pi tiang!! Hang ingat bajet baguih sangat ka bola tu nak kona pi masuk gol? Kalu kaki blom ala-ala Lampard jangan laa cuba pi target tiang tu anak oi…

And aku rasa Simukonda ni makan rasuah perrr. Grr…

Takpe, cube lagi tahun hadapan. 

The other day kat bilek Shashi, while waiting for Pathphysiology class to start, we droned on the BBC channel. Same ol', same ol'. Then kuar gambar Prince William with a girl, and the caption read "Will His Royal Highness pop up the question?" Shashi trus excited. "What, what? Is William getting married? Weyh, who's the girl??" She bombarded me with questions. Yes, I looked like the BBC reporter laa kan? 😀Eh, aku pong ada jacket coklat cam nih! :D

So we waited for the news to roll. 10 minutes. 20 minutes. Nothing. BBC is, afterall, famous for repeating highlights. A look at the clock, and we panicked. Prince William punya pasal, seb baek tak lewat pi Pathphys.

Balek umah, I read the news on Yahoo! Looks like he was off on some vacation to the Caribbean with his girlfriend. Rilek aa! Baru gi holiday, seme dah menggelabah apam ingat depa nak pi got hitched. *Berfikiran positif :D* I told Kak Rika of the news. She brought a hand up to her heart and said, "Oh, hatiku remuk berkecai." Wahahha… Nice reflex.

Will and Kate during Masters' graduationWith a few hours to spare, I googled up the lucky lady. Kate Middleton. Modern-life Cinderella candidate. Pandai si William ni pileh awek. Lawa pon lawa. Decent, very smart, tres chic with a kind heart and superb personality. And best of all, she doesn't have any peer title attached to her name. Yes, Kate Middleton is your ordinary rakyat biasa girl, who happens to be the object of affection to the World's Most Eligible Royalty. You go, girl!

Okay. Enough paparazzi-ing. Back to the books.


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