I decided retail therapy was in order. So I disappeared with the last of my fortnight allowance and stalked the mall. I returned with a pair of Topshop pants and a bottle of J. Lo's Still and an empty wallet. Oh, I didn't forget to buy myself lots and lots of Maggi mee tho. 😀

On the way back from Furshet (the so-called mall I was referring to), I stumbled upon a middle-aged guy in a black trench coat, bearing a well-used briefcase. He was half bald, sweating profusely on the forehead (must be the 20+ degrees outside and the trench coat really made me to seriously doubt his sanity) and he was looking around anxiously when he called to me. Now, usually I would instantly ignore the locals who made attempts to have small talks (based on not-so-pleasant past experiences) due to a lot of reasons; one, those overly-friendly Russians usually talk crap, being drunk most of the time, second, I was walking alone in a semi-deserted street with two bags of groceries. The last thing I needed was a madman stalking my ass.

So the guy called me right? I actually stopped and listened to him. I figured if he made any attempt to actually manhandle me, I could just swing my grocery bag, which weighed a ton (oh no, the perfume and pants weren't heavy, the sardines and oranges were. :P) to his head and take off. Plus, the guy looked like he couldn't hurt a fly. Maybe he was lost.

So imagine how I felt when the next thing that came out of his mouth was "Have you paid your annual tax?" I was flabbergasted. I mean, wtf? Do I look like a Russian? The hijjab and Asian feature must have thrown him off. I never gain any monetary compliments from this country and now I'm expected to pay the tax? Heck, I don't even pay my own taxes in Malaysia. Dude, I'm 22 and still very much dependent.

The man went on blabbering on how it's my national duty to do so, so that the country could prosper and so on. I suppressed the urge to roll my eyes. I flashed a polite smile and excused myself. The tell-tale sign of a drunk prevailed. Stenched smell, red-shot eyes. Time for me to take a hike.  

Next time I won't be as nice. 😉 


2 thoughts on “Uneventful

  1. NoRE says:

    Babe,u got urself J’Lo’s Still? Haha, I’m also using that one ! Best kan bau dia? Next time i nak beli Arden’s After Five plak..

  2. it’s not for me, nore. it’s for my best friend yg hantu perfume. last time i got her an esprit. this time she’s getting a j.lo. lagi 3 taun, lagi 3 perfume. kokak… kokakk 😀

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