Da Vinci Code

This is one of the books that has managed to capture my undivided attention for two days straight. There were many others before DVC that I love and cherish close to my heart, for example the Princess trilogy by Jean Sasson, most of Jeffrey Archer's, works by the talented Oscar Wilde and this special Malay novel: Seorang Tua Di Kaki Bukit. But DVC caught me at my most flimsy moment, a moment where I couldn't afford to waste much time on non-academical books. But DVC made me ignore the standard rules, and 4 days before my Human Anatomy State Exam in 2004, I was feverishly reading DVC from cover to cover.

Yes, DVC was that captivating. I was entranced by the web of clandestine history, a past which was unbeknownst to most of the world population. A secret so deeply buried, so carefully guarded for centuries. Dan Brown may not be Albert Einstein, but his way of discreetly maneuvering readers' thoughts from the real truth is the work of pure genius.

Muslims, Jews and Christians alike believe that Isa or Jesus, a.s., was a man with no blood descendent. He is the Al-Masih, the Messiah. There will come a day when the Al-Masih will descend from the second heaven into a Jamaah of remaining faithful believers, to be their saviour from Al-Dajjal (or also known as the anti-Christ in the Bible). Only then He is believed to initiate a family, to bestow His heir to the world.

Many of the Renaissance painters tried to conjure the image of Jesus, a.s. For example, Leonardo Da Vinci painted one of his masterpieces, 'The Last Supper' of Jesus a.s. having 'the last supper' with his 12 disciples, hence the title. In the painting, Da Vinci had in Jesus' hand a goblet, which in Christianity referred to as the Holy Grail.

In DVC told the story of Robert Langdon, a university professor teaching theological symbology. One night, he received a phone call from across the globe which would later forever changed his life. Following the phone call, Langdon found himself on the way to Paris to meet the mysterious caller. He later found out the caller to be one of the French geniuses, the head curator of Lourve, who happened to be very much dead.

Langdon's exile started the moment he found the body. Eventhough lifeless, the curator's body was trying to convey a secret to Langdon. Laid in the diagram according to another of Da Vinci's work 'The Vitruvian Man', the secret awaited to be revealed. Soon, Langdon and the curator's granddaughter were criss-crossing the country in the hopes of searching for the key to unlock the secret: about a society built to keep Jesus' supposed biggest secret; His wife and child.

Dan Brown's book was such a huge success. An obvious lover of cryptography, he tried to apply the science in most of his works. Readers rave on this; it gives them something to do other than just reading the texts from page to page. I actually found myself grabbing a pen and a piece of paper, trying to decipher the hidden code. I started measuring to find out if my navel is really located at the center on my body. I spent hours scattering the letters to find the anagrams of the given code although I knew the answer lay a page away. I smirked triumphantly when I won over Langdon in deciphering the mirror-image poem. I googled up the Priory of Sion, the Knights Templar and the Opus Dei. I could have written a thesis on them if I wanted to.

Amidst the craze, I never failed to notice how Dan Brown tried to run away from the truth. This very fact was proved as Opus Dei, a large Catholic organization, filed a lawsuit against Dan Brown for twisting the facts regarding Jesus' life and their organisation. I was surprised nobody from the Muslim society had put up a hand to correct the fact.

DVC continued to harbour its success. A year later, a movie contract ensued. Robert Langdon in the form of Tom Hanks. Yesterday marked the worldwide release of the much-awaited movie of the year. And surprisingly, LPF had no problem against the controversial religious issue portrayed in the movie. Funny they could dig an ant out of Sepet, but not an elephant out of this offshore movie.

DVC is definitely a worthwhile read. I finished reading it, feeling so much more educated. I just hope Muslim worldwide won't be confused by the fictions laboured in creating the book. It was a bestseller, but it was still a fiction indeed. May Allah swt protects us from the fabrication and deception surrounding us. Ameen.


4 thoughts on “Da Vinci Code

  1. NoRE says:

    haha, i ingat i sorang je yg googled all those society,yeah,whwne u start reading DVC, there’s no way u can’t stop..

  2. Da Vinci Code mantap siot!~ Tapi aku lom tgk movie lagi, buku dah 2 kali. The book is so informative, but needs discretion jugak actually..Movie pun perlu gak kot.

    “Funny they could dig an ant out of Sepet, but not an elephant out of this offshore movie”

    Yes. Funny indeed.

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  4. u says:

    Interesting that you ended your post with “Ameen”. Been doing some reading on the subject. (Islam in general) “Ameen” is of a questionable nature. Don’t just believe what I say. Check out: http://www.submission.org/

    and http://www.irfi.org/ . Do compare with the Glorious Koran by yourself.

    Good luck!

    p.s. do check out the articles on hijjab

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