Bring It On

So you've found me. I would explaine the existence of the second blog, but let's skip that for now. This whole weekend has been a myriad of activities. Starting off with the KUU Sports Day which took place on Sunday. Funny when you thought you've left it all behind in high school, and you're wrong if you thought it was all lame and boring. Yeah, maybe a little bit on the lame side, but living in this side of the world, we need all the entertainment we could get. 

For the day, I managed to pep talk myself to contribute something for my house. Hence the signing up for the 400m run. Then on Sunday, it rained. It freaking rained. I could almost feel my heart breaking upon seeing the water slicking from my apartment window. Funny to think I'd be upset for not being able to strain my muscles and spend my calories. But yes, that was what happened.

The guys and girls of the umah Itam looking macho. Hahha.


One for Pinky! Windu ko weyh, bro!
And today marked the third annual handball tournament. I know heck about handballs, but my housemates are true-blue fans. They were on their way for the third championship trophy, charged with high spirits and lots of tactics against the rivaling teams. Somehow, I could relate to how Jose Mourinho feel every time his players are out on the field. 😀 


Makcik kantin and manager killing time


Buku bertemu ruas. Apa PerLu vs Triple X. Before the mess began. Hahha..



How does it feel like being second best? It sure feels like being the first!

Apa Perlu came out second. Well, I'm sure they were just giving other teams a chance to hold the trophy. They'll make a comeback, that I'm sure. To Id and Masy, you guys better kick Triple X's asses next year, or else, makan kat luar! 😀


6 thoughts on “Bring It On

  1. naz says:

    Hello cik LaiLy! Berhijrah pula ye… hehe. I pun want to move to WordPress, just waiting for the right time. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Take care sweet LaiLy! 🙂

  2. Cik Laily! Please do tell me how do you move to wordpress? Nak join gak la.. blogspot sucks sometimes, that is.

    Dah la takde password protected entries.. gives me no privacy..

  3. WordPress is so S.L.O.W! When compared to blogspot, the latter is much better in term of processing speed.

    And no, it doesn’t has anything to do with my internet speed.

    This is 64 bit la 😉

  4. heylo ppl. 😀 sorry for the late reply, but my net is acting up again. wordpress is simple, n i like it that way. but maybe it wont work for u laa kot mirul, cuz u have tons of pics n i do agree on the lagging quality. thank u for still viewing, sweet ppl. 😀

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